Why Pi2Air ?

Whereas often overlooked as a luxury business, we see private aviation as an opportunity for companies or individuals to increase competitivity, responsivness and comfort. While your competitors may be stranded at the airport, spending days to go to meetings across countries, make the best of your time and enjoy the flexibility and rapidity of private aviation.

No other transportation mean can take you to your morning meeting in Nice, France, have lunch with a customer in Berlin, Germany, visit your factory in Malaga, Spain in the afternoon, and spend the evening with your familly in Paris, France.

Althought this scenario is only one of many possible, it is only possible with a team of dedicated professionals. At Pi2Air, we pride ourselves in giving you the best possible service, but unlike many others, our business model is based on a strictly personal approach and a highely customized solution.

As we like to tell our customers, just enjoy the ride, leave the strees to us!