PI2AIRFly away

Our company and its values

When we started flying, it was passion that drove us. With passing years and increase in experience, this passion did not leave us, but we found there was more to walking in a plane and just fly: managing all the aspect of our missions and share this passion

When we met in a small airport in Paris, we understood right away we had the same vision : extend our common experience and expertise to our customers with one idea : Owners have a plane to ease their life, not to make it more complicated. Pi2Air was born

Created in the heart of the 2008’s financial crisis, we have been constantly growing and we are now proud to manage and fly several privately owned airplanes and owners around the world. Our primary goals : safety and customer satisfaction.

Wether owners are using their aircraft for business or pleasure, we beleive that owning and using a private airplane should always be an hassle free pleasure. Our goal is to make sure your airplane brings you what it was acquired for : save you time and gives you the extra flexibility you need.

Aircraft management and company services

Wether you own or you are looking at owning an airplane, Pi2Air is the right choice for you. We have been managing and flying a wide range of aircrafts types, from small turboprops to larger corporate jets. From following up you airplane maintenance, invoicing, to organizing qualified and experience crews, we can take care of everything, or simply the service you need.