Pi2AIR Crew

Nicolas Colmet Daage

Nicolas Colmet Daage is the founder of Pi2Air. He started flying at age 14 before becoming a commercial pilot and flight instructor in the USA. After obtaining a managment degree in 2006, he went back to Europe to help airplane owners with obtaining their IFR and commercial certificate as a freelance flight instructor. Facing the increase in demand for training and professional pilots for private flying, he teamed up with Pi2Air current associates. With close to 5000 hours, and a few ferry flights around the globe, Nicolas keeps sharing his experience, professionalism and love of flying to Pi2Air customers

Vivien Faccini

Vivien Faccini started flying when he was 15. After finishing his training in Europe, he started his career as a flight instructor in Paris. He then joined Nicolas at the beginning of Pi2Air, and started to fly on turboprop aircraft, such as P46T, PC12 & P180. Beside of this experience, he had the opportunity to fly for a french company specialized in MEDEVAC operation over Europe and Africa. After this great experience, Vivien fully joined Pi2Air. Reaching now 3500 hours, he now mainly flies on PC12, C550 and C525

Swann Veith

Swann Veith is a Pi2Air current partner. Since his childhood he showed great interest in piloting aircraft, beginning to fly from an early age. After completing his training in Europe in 2011, he worked as a ground instructor for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence at The Institut Mermoz. Simultaneously, he was working on private flights along with his Pi2Air partners. At present, he is acting as General Director and has about 2500 hours, flying Citation XSL+, Citation Mustang, and Pilatus PC12